Legal Stuff

Did you know you that by learning the secrets of the ultra-wealthy, you could make millions with just 10 minutes trading each day?

That becoming wealthy isn't about money, it's about daring to win?

It's claims like those (which I've just cut and pasted from today's Facebook ads) that explain why the finance industry's got a crap reputation.

Here's the short of it. The Naked Investor is about education. We'll expose the frauds, give you some great investment ideas, and hopefully, increase your wealth.

We do not provide financial advice, general, scaled, individual, or any other sort.

Everything we say is based on information available to anybody. Actually, it's all on the internet. All we're doing is giving you the heads-up.

When we give you a share recommendation, treat it like it came from Thursday's Uber driver. Or creepy uncle Barry at last week's BBQ. Research it yourself, do your own digging, and don't trust anybody.